About the Study

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education, along with post-secondary institutions and organizational partners, is undertaking a research project to measure the perceptions and experiences of post-secondary graduates from provincial institutions, both public and private. These graduates include individuals who have successfully completed a post-secondary program and received a formal credential including a degree, diploma, or certificate, or achieved journeyperson status in 2014 (the 2014-2015 school year for private vocational schools)

This is the third survey of graduate outcomes in Saskatchewan undertaken by the Ministry. The information gathered from this study provides the Ministry and its post-secondary institutions and organizational partners with consistent and comparable data that gives a clear and thorough picture of post-secondary graduates’ experiences after graduation. Understanding the outcomes of graduates will lead to further advances in the research, analysis, planning and reporting capabilities at both the provincial and institutional levels.

Insightrix Research Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Insightrix), a full service marketing research firm based in Saskatoon, has been contacted to administer this research project. We are taking a census approach to contact as many graduates as we can possibly reach and encourage you to take this opportunity to provide feedback as post-secondary graduates.

This website is created to provide you an overview of the research project, the opportunity to participate in and share information about the study, as well as a means to contact the Ministry and Insightrix regarding any comments, questions, or concerns pertaining to the project.